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Leading Little Ones to God

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Written by Marian M Schooland and Published by W B Eerdmans in the U.S. and by the Banner of Truth in the U.K. this is a book that every Christian parent should have. It is a classic that has past the test of time and is still an excellent book to use with young children today.  The Eerdmans edition has some lovely colour illustrations which sets it apart slightly – but does have illustrations of Jesus Christ in it so won’t suit those who find that a problem.

There is nothing complicated about this book – but it is deep. But as I was listening to John Piper the other week I was reminded that Children need to be taught beyond their understanding otherwise they will never progress and develop.

This is a theology course for children – and we shouldn’t shy away from that. When we bring up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord we don’t bring them up to know a child friendly version of God or a dummed down version of the almighty. God is Holy and allpowerful and a friend of sinners, He is all-knowing and creator and the patient teacher to the simplest mind. Faith is not an academic test it is a gift from God.

Books like Leading little ones to God help parents and teachers to build the foundations that will stand firm for life.


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