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John Calvin – After Darkness Light by Catherine Mackenzie

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When I started writing on John Calvin for young teens I was daunted to say the least. Here I was writing on one of the foremost theologians in church history – I didn’t feel up to the task at all. However I eventually got down to it and freely admit to this book being for novices like me – not for experts. But I’m glad that one or two ‘experts’ have cast their eye over the material … for that I’m thankful and I appreciate their encouragement and comments.

Publisher’s Web Site: 

In this the 500th Anniversary year of the birth of John Calvin, it is right that we should think of one of the people who has most impacted world history.

Calvin had ideas on how we could live better lives – particularly how we could live in close harmony with God and each other – but because his ideas were radical, his life was filled with dramatic events and dangers.

He was run out of town – and then welcomed back. He was accussed of being too harsh – and also too tender hearted. When he explained what the bible meant he was considered too logical and too spiritual!

He must have been an amazing man to have caused such a stir!

Reviews and Commendations:

“You have hit the high spots of Calvin’s story in a very telling way. The book will go into the junior section of our church library, and I hope it will make its impact there….Keep writing. Keep publishing.”

J I Packer Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

“The 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth has already produced some excellent material on Calvin However, perhaps one of the most useful has been published by Christian Focus in the Trailblazers series, in which Catherine Mackenzie has added to her repertoire of children’s books by writing a young people’s life of John Calvin. Ater Darkness Light is an extremely readable, short biography of Calvin, which I am sure many of our adults would also enjoy.”

Reformation 21 blog

From a young reader: 

This chronicle on Calvin will delightfully enlighten you about this influential reformer.

Josh Van Eyk


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