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Quotes: John Bunyan

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Objection.But (you will say) methinks that giving of our selves up to live a righteous life, should make God like the better of us, and so let us be saved by Christ, because we are so willing to obey his Law.

Answer.The motive that moveth God to have mercy upon sinners, is not because they are willing to follow the Law, but because he is willing to save them. Not for thy righteousness, or for thy uprightness of heart dost thou possess the Land, Deuteronomy 9:4-6. Now understand this; if thy will to do righteousness was the first moving cause why God had mercy on thee through Christ, then it must not be freely by grace (I say freely), but the Lord loves thee and saves thee upon free terms, having nothing beforehand to make him accept thy soul, but only the Blood of Christ; therefore to allow of such a principle, it is to allow, that grace is to be obtained by the works of the Law, which is a gross darkness and is also directly opposite to Scripture.”

Extract from ‘The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded’ by John Bunyan [Oxford University Press 1976 ISBN 0 19 811871 6 – –Page 58.


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