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Grandpa Mike Talks about God by Michael Lawson

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Really good Children’s talks and stories are like gold dust these days. In fact when you are running a children’s slot in a service there are a lot of boxes you need to tick.

It’s got to be biblical, there needs to be some solid teaching in there, it has to be easily understood and enjoyable for the youngsters. It’s got to be flexible too – something that can fit in with a short time slot or a longer one. It’s not asking much – but it’s something that has been hard to deliver until now.

Michael Lawson’s book – Grandpa Mike Talks About God has the perfect balance of engaging story and solid bible teaching. There are 34 examples of the character of God, each illustrated with an annecdote from real life. The stories themselves are short but meaningful and the bible teaching is developed in different sections allowing people with shorter schedules to adapt the material to suit.

Delightfully illustrated this is one of those books that will become a family favourite.

Other Information

Michael Lawson is the Department Chair and Senior Professor of Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Grandpa Mike’s gentle, down-to-earth book encourages children to get to know God in a deeper, fuller way. Aimed straight at the child who is beginning to wonder about his or her faith-“Is God big enough?” “If he really knows me, how can he love me?”-Lawson opens up theology in an age-appropriate way. Not cotton candy or simplistic, this book is a great one for parents and children to discuss together, and when they have digested it, they will have a better understanding of God than many seminary students.

Marlene LeFever, Vice President of Educational Resources, Cook Communications Ministries

Dr. Lawson, AKA Grandpa Mike, makes the nourishment of theology appealing to kids. What a wonderful and needed contribution to our diets! This volume holds the promise of training our children and grandchildren to put their confidence in God and not forget the works of His hands.”

Dr. Michael Easley, President, Moody Bible Institute


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