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Billy Graham: Just get up out of your seat by Catherine Mackenzie

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This is one of my slightly older Trailblazer titles. I should probably go through some of my earlier material on this blog to remind people about one or two steller Christian characters – does anyone remember Mary Slessor these days? Or Hudson Taylor?

Anyway – I remember listening to Billy Graham preach in a large football stadium in England somewhere when I was quite young – it tied in with a family holiday and it has stayed in my memory quite clearly. But I wasn’t one of those who went forward. Years later in University as a young christian I went to hear him at Morayfield in Edinburgh and my long standing memory from that occassion was the amazing singing led by Cliff Barrows. Not part of the official choir I did get a chance to sit alongside my friend who was in the choir one evening – and loved that feeling of being part of such a large group.

This youth biography on Billy Graham is a chance to introduce youngsters to one of last centuries great evangelists.

He has his critics I know – but when a guy never does a sound check anywhere without reading out John 3:16 then yes – he’s on solid ground.

It is possible to point a finger at anybody – but as this book shows us Billy Graham the evangelist still believes that there is only one way to salvation, one way to heaven and that is Jesus Christ.

So no matter what he did or didn’t do on T.V. talk shows – let’s get the perspective of a life and get up out of our seats and start telling the world for ourselves about the Son of God.


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