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Vacation Bible School and Holiday Club


If you haven’t tried the TnT material before I really recommend that you do – and a good starting off point would be their VBS material or Holiday Club books as we call them in the U.K. They are easily adaptable so that you can use them as a set of different lessons over six weeks or six days. And what makes them stand out I believe is how their are unashamedly focussed on the gospel. Thus making this fun and flexible material ideal to use with churched and unchurched kids. The TnT material is published by TnT Ministries based in St. Helen’s Bishopgate, London and comprises of about 32 books in total – three titles of which are geared towards the VBS or after school club style of situation.

From the very beginning Trevor and Thalia, the minds behind TnT, insisted that Sunday school should be more than just babysitting – it should be teaching – and for that to be effective the teachers themselves had to be taught. They couldn’t just go into a lesson with a pre-packaged story and craft and leave it at that. They had to understand the scripture themselves.

So that is why the model of these lessons is different. The teacher is taught first and then given the tools to teach – not just repeat.

With a DVD programme that is well worth your church investing in these books should be in every Sunday School Library. With reproducible worksheets – one book per teacher is all you need to purchase. There are books for preschoolers up to 11-14 year olds in the On The Way series and a new set of 14+ bible study books will be launched later on this year.


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