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Board Books for Toddlers


For tiny tots there are a lot of board books out there. And I mean a lot. But a close friend of mine who was the book buyer for CLC in London used to say that a lot of board books miss their market – they are either too mature in the style of artwork they use, have too many words or confuse children by trying to be toys when they are really books or vice versa. You’ve seen the cuddly lamb attached to the board book thing? That’s what she was talking about. In her experience children were never quite sure what was going on with these things.

So I am going to present one or two honest and simple titles that do their best to withstand toddler gums.

God gave me Sight; Hearing; Taste; Smell; Touch; Feelings.

Six board books on the senses with biblical teaching and scripture verses to back things up. Simple, colourful illustrations.

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Famous Bible Stories series. Bright bold illustrations and short bible narrative are ideal books to hold for little hands.

All of the above will guarantee some battery free family time!





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